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Learn About What We Offer

Mujahid & Associates in Ann Arbor, Michigan specializes in matching customers with service and solution providers through quarterly forums. Our work centers on optimal collaborations, business networking, matchmaking, and co-creating added value for all participants.

Our Services

We co-create value through our quarterly Collective Procurement  Conference Collaboratory (CPCC) forums*. The forums identify and provide you with service and product solutions for your customers and their customers.

Our services are specific to stakeholders and customers from Automobile, Energy, Agriculture & Natural Resources,  and Music/Sports Performance, and Infotainment/ Electronic Gaming Industries.

We utilize music performance, golf, and tap dancing as mediums of healthy stress relief, balanced business and social engagement, and customer delight! (Infotainment).

* Our Collective Procurement Conference Collaboratory (CPCC) is product of the business vision of the great humanitarian leader, W. Deen Mohammed (Peace be upon him)!


Our Products

Aside from our excellent services, we offer high-quality products including the following:

  • Collective Procurement Conference Collaboratory 
  • Music Therapeutics (Performance, Infomercials, Education)
  • Natural Resources  Care (energy efficiency, climate balancing)
  • Infotainment Systems research (Electric/Autonomobility)
  • Business Continuous Improvement Collaboration
  • Annual Tribute Concert to Human Salvation (October 30)

For additional inquiries about our services and products, as well as their corresponding rates, feel free to get in touch with us. Our courteous staff is always ready to respond to your concerns.

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